Saturday, February 4, 2012

She's OK...

Well, I found out the teddy-bear's little girl in Portugal is back and is ok. She was in the hospital for a brief (10 day) stay. He asked her, "Really?" ...he is so profound... She says, "Yes, James...look," and showed him the little plastic hospital bracelet still on her wrist. She is such a sweet little girl, and a very talented singer/song writer, I don't really know what she sees in him.

It's strange, I must say. He must have something I can't see...or what would my Donna Lee ever have seen in him? Well, who would know. I see her once in a while when she visits me in Doggie Heaven. She always says to me , "Oh, Chico, my Chico," and kisses my cheek. It is Heavenly!
And she always speaks of her 'teddy-bear,' like he is something special. She says, 'Chico, you will see someday.' Maybe I will...maybe I will...

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Whoa!...I just got a shrill ringing in one of my ears...someone must be talking about me. ~let me take a quick look~ hmmm'...What the he-double-l is this all about???
Oh, yeah...I might have known. The teddy bear is talking about me again. But I don't think it is about my sweetie pie, Donna Lee...uhhh...Oh, I see. He is all excited about that fellow from Georgia,-Gingrich something-or-other...

I know he has been missing my Donna Lee a lot lately. Maybe if she isn't busy teaching the other Angels how to sing, I will go to her place and see about both of us dropping in on him sometime soon. I scooted across the room as a shadow a week or so ago. I tell you, this guy is strange sometimes but quite alert. I heard him say, "Chico, is that You?" I didn't flop my ears or anything,-just wanted to check in on him for a second.

I guess his little girl in Portugal went her way finally. He has been trying to let her off gently for some time. For her sake, he says, but I wonder. She usually calls by now, a week and a half, but not this time. Maybe now he will find some nice lady to sing with him. I know I'll be glad when he does...and gets out of the stinking house and resumes his entertaining of the more senior than he is seniors.

Yesterday was a Friday the 13th and I could feel him thinking about her,-she was born on a Friday the 13th, 75 years ago last November. And she has been in Heaven two years and four months,-55 minutes ago. *yeah, I keep what?
I kind of hope he comes out of his rut pretty soon, while he can still croak out a tune. It will be very hard after his being with my Donna Lee for 38 years-40, now. I hope he can but if he can't, oh well...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Buying It Back...

I was asked by an acquaintance to address this problem, for his sake and the sake of some of his 'friends'. He couldn't have come to a better place than here for advice and counsel...

Buying it back...This is the most pervasive and feared phrase in sales. Pervasive, because many, many salespeople do it so much, usually without even realizing what they are doing; feared because it is the absolute pinnacle of how to lose a sale.

I know a man who, in some years gone by, was the very best car salesman in a crew of ten salesmen. He sold more cars, pickups and trucks than any of the other salesmen, going away. When he approached a prospective customer, likely as not, that person would buy a car from him. (Provided, of course, the prospect was at least a bit ready to buy a car) This fellow had a gift of gab unequaled in the annals of car sales! (Well, maybe not quite that unequaled,-at least unequaled in this specific crew of salespeople)

However, it wasn't always that way. When he first started his sales career, he lost many more sales than he made. His approach was good and he made friends with the prospect easily and he had very good knowledge of the product but, at the last moment, something happened and the prospect decided to not buy the vehicle.
'Duh'--What's going on, he asked himself? He got no answer that made any sense so he asked another salesman who had been in the business longer than any of the others; he asked 'Pappy,' Myron W., the best salesman there at that time. Myron not only sold vehicles, seemingly without much effort, but he had the same people and even their children coming back to him time after time to buy more vehicles.

*Now I'm going into the first person mode, for the sake of expedition.

As soon as I mentioned my problem to Pappy, he nodded and said he had watched me make and then lose sales. I axed him what the heck that is supposed to mean and he said something that made no sense at all to me. He said, "You're selling the cars all right, very well, in fact, but then, you're buying them back."

He could tell I had no idea what he meant by that so he proceeded with his explanation.(forget the quotes)He had watched how I greeted the customers and made friends with them and he said I did a very good job of helping them decide which car or pickup they needed, (actually, wanted)and how informed I was as to what equipment each model had. He said he had watched and he could tell the very moment the customer had, in his own mind, 'bought' the vehicle.

Then I looked a question mark at him, then I just blurted out, "Then what the hell happened?" What happened, he said, is,-after you sold the car to them, you bought it back. I still didn't know what he meant so he proceeded; You did a good job of selling the car, telling them how good it was and how much them would like it and on and on. OK, so far.

Then, after they decided they would buy the car, you kept on selling and selling. Since they had already decided to buy the car, they began to wonder if something was wrong after all. Otherwise, why are you going on and on about the car; You've convinced them to buy,-why not be quiet now and allow them to enjoy their decision? It's as if you need to justify selling the car; something must be wrong.

I thought about this for a few moments and it finally dawned on me what he meant by what he said. And he was absolutely right. And this, of course, applies to just about everything else in the world that is worth 'buying.'
Once a person convinces you that you need to have what they have, be it material things, politics or religion, you need to back off and allow them to bask in their decision.
It's like talking to a Christian and recognizing his faith then, when he drives his car away, seeing 37 stickers on the back; a fish,-Honk if You Love the Lord," Where were you when they crucified the Lord and on and on and on, ad nausea.
Or an e-mail that says if you don't forward this on to six thousand people, God won't like you anymore.

When you obsess on anything,you seem to want to cram it down others throats, it appears as if you are trying to convince yourself, too, to rationalize,- and that is when you begin 'Buying it back.'

I hope I have made this clear to all of you folks (you know who you are) who have sold folks your way of thinking or being and then, in one fell swoop, bought it back.

Are you one of these people? Think about it...


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just Waiting Around...

I was looking down at Red Bluff a couple of weeks ago and saw that the teddy-bear finally got my Donna Lees headstone placed. I must say, I approve of it.
I don't know if my Donna Lee specified what she wanted on it but she must have; I doubt her teddy-bear is smart enough to think things up on his own.

He spent a little while there the day it was placed. He looked so sad and alone. I almost felt sorry for him.
Just as he was leaving, he said, "I love you, Sweetie. I'll see you there before too long."

I guess he sent pictures of the headstone to a few relatives and friends. I don't think anyone has been there yet, though.

It must have been very cold in Hell last week, though, because his daughter, Margaret came up to Red Bluff and spent the weekend with him.
Margarets' daughter, Leesa, came over and spent the evening with them,-she and her three small boys. The boys seem to be a bit more well behaved than a while back.

They all went to the cemetery and visited my Donna Lee. It was a very touching visit. Leesa still has a bit of a problem with her emotions when they talk about her Grandmother. She loved her very much.
Her Grandmother was always there for the boys birthdays and other things. She even went to San Francisco with Leesa once because Leesa had to take her baby and the baby was still nursing. Her Grandmother loved her very much, too.

I need to tell all of you about the headstone. Look at the picture of it above. My picture was engraved on the top-right and a rose that grew out of my Donna Lees' cat, Skeeters, grave is engraved on the top left. She really loved that cat. I kind of liked her, too.
Here is a picture of me subduing Skeeter the first day I met her. We got along very well after that.
She thought she was a real little girl,-and she acted like it. It was a shame she was killed by a car.

Anyhow, they buried her in the back yard right by the fence and planted a rose vine on her grave.
It didn't even bud the first year but the next year, it really popped open with a great big, beautiful single rose.
They took a picture of it and that is what the rose on the headstone is patterned from. The man who made it did a very good job.

Well, I think I'll go over here behind a cloud and take a little nap. I'll be back to see you again if anything of any importance happens.

I visited the teddy-bear a few weeks ago,-just for a few seconds, just to remind him I am around. I like to see him jump in his seat when I flop my ears back and forth and make a machine gun sound.

My Donna Lee told me she visited him for just a second a few weeks back. He was having a problem deciding to sell her car and she wanted him to know it was all right. She said she called his name out, pretty loud, and he came out of his chair and called her name and looked around. What a dud!
Oh, well... I guess he loves her and misses her all the time. I know she loves and misses him. She told me so. I guess they both are just sorta waiting around,-for now, anyhow.

I hope this information has done some good for some of you. Take care and I'll see you later.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

"One Nation, Under God..."

*For those of you who do not know how the words, "Under God," got into our pledge of allegiance to our flag-a condensed description of the process:

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation (under God), indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

This beautiful statement, pledging allegiance to our flag was written by Francis Bellamy in the year of our Lord, 1892. It was first spoken by school children on October 12th, 1892, during an observance ceremony of Columbus Day. The then US President, Benjamin Harrison, proclaimed the pledge to be official immediately before the first pledge was made on that Columbus Day.

The original wording of the pledge was amended several times in the following years. It was recognized officially by Congress as our official pledge on June 22nd, 1942.
The pledge hand salute originally was a right hand thrust forward and slightly raised in the direction of the flag, palm down at the start and palm up at the ending, much as the German hand salute to 'der fuhrer', the leader of Germany, Adolph Hitler.
President Roosevelt changed this to the right hand over the heart on June 22nd, 1942, when Congress made the pledge law.

On February 8th, 1954, a bill was introduced into congress adding the words, "Under God," to the pledge and the necessary legislation was approved and passed by congress and, on Flag Day, June 14, 1954, President Dwight David Eisenhower signed the addition of, "Under God," to our official Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag, into law.

*In virtually every poll of the citizens of the United States of America by any major pollster, we have approved by a two thirds + majority of votes of our pledge of allegiance to our flag and of the inclusion of the words, "Under God," into that pledge. (As, incidentally, we have approved of a prayer to our Lord in schools and other events)

So, there you have it, for best or worst, (whichever you prefer) and you can (or may) take it (or not) and do with it as you wish. (or don't)
Now, excuse me, I'm headed back upstairs, Glad I could help.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Final Resting Place...

From my lofty perch, I watched my Donna Lees' teddybear a couple of days ago. He was rushing around, filled with more energy than I have seen him exhibit in a long while. I wondered why I would pick this particular day to check on him.

He Drove to the Oak Hill Cemetery then back home then back to the cemetery where he walked around different parts of the cemetery before going into the cemetery office then to a stonemasons' shop then to the County Courthouse and then, finally, back home.
'What,' I asked myself, 'is he doing?'

Then I remembered a conversation I overheard between my Donna Lee and her teddybear several years ago, before I was transferred to Doggie Heaven to guard the Small Doggie Lawn.

It was about them being cremated after they died and what, if anything, they wished to have done with their ashes. (remains, if you prefer)
The teddybear responded rather quickly as he sometimes is wont to do, with something like, 'It won't matter to me what you do with mine since I'll be dead anyhow. You can flush them or do whatever you want to with them; spread them around your plants like fertilizer, as a source of potassium.' And he chuckled (he does a lot of that) at that suggestion.

My Donna Lee grimaced at that bit of tripe and, as she is wont to do, pondered the question for a time before giving the answer anyone who knows her would expect. (since she is a very considerate and loving person)

She said, "Honey, (she used to call him that once in a while-why I haven't a clue since he is anything but) I want to be someplace where the kids or anyone else can come to visit; a place that bears my name." Then she quickly added (as I knew she would) "I'd really like you to be there with me."

The teddybear got quieter than I have ever seen him. Then, after a brief moment, he reached over and took her hand and pulled her to him and hugged her and gently kissed her. I knew then that it would be the way she wanted it to be.

Then I did what I should have done in the first place; I tuned in on the teddybears brainwaves, his thoughts, if you prefer.
He had found a nice spot in the cemetery, right next to a drive, (where it can be seen on a rainy day without getting out of the car) and bought that small plot of ground for my Donna Lees' and his remains to be buried; together,- forever.

Then he had stopped at the stonemasons shop and arranged for a headstone for their last resting place. It is polished stone and will have inscribed on it; Together Forever,- JC and Donna Lee then at the bottom, Alexander.
On the top left will be a rose, inscribed, 'Skeeters Rose' in honor of my Donna Lees' last little girl, a charcoal colored yellow eyed Burmese (she really loved that cat) and on the top right will be the image of the top part of a Chihuahua inscribed, 'Chico.'
He didn't put ...'the Wonder Dog' on it because only he called me that. To my Donna Lee, I was just always her, 'Chico'.

Then the teddybear went to the courthouse and got the appropriate permit to have his sweeties' remains put into their final resting place.

I felt myself slipping away then as I watched a large sigh come from the teddybear. I think I saw a little tear collect and trace it's way down his cheek. I think he is relieved, now that he has finally arranged for his sweeties request to be honored. I know I am.

Now all that's left is to have her placed in her final resting place, (he'll do that soon) where eventually, he will join her.

Well, there you have it. You can (or may) do with it as you wish. (or not.)


Monday, January 4, 2010

Just In Case Anybody Is Curious...

A very young doggie angel came over to me today ( actually, there are no 'todays' in Doggie Heaven since there is no 'time' as such) and asked me if any of my 'loved ones' (yeah, right,-my only loved one is already here, in people Heaven...) knew exactly where I am. It occurred to me, probably no one on Earth does.
Since, even now, after death, people still find a way to come to me for the ultimate in knowledge and advice, I have decided to show you exactly where in Heaven we are.

The writing is a little crude because I enlisted the aid (unnecessary as that was) of the youngster who asked me the question of where we are and he hasn't mastered the art of human writing as yet.

All right and without further ado, here is a cosmic chart of exactly where in the Heavens my Donna Lee and I are.

Actually, here is a little better and closer shot of our places in Heaven. The BIG, BRIGHT SPOT just to the lower left is where the Big Guy sometimes comes to confer with his Top Dog.

As you can see, I am a bit farther out than my Donna Lee (or as the teddy bear would say, his sweetie) is, probably because dogs died before people after the Big Guy created us all.
Rumor is, Cain took his dog hunting with him and the dog, refusing to ever give up the chase of a much faster animal, died when his heart burst from the strain. Right after that, Cain, still feeling the strain of his favorite pet dying, went home and killed his brother, Abel.
Anyhow, that's the rumor and I tend to believe it since, I'm sure there is no one who can prove otherwise.

I like this positioning because it puts me in a place where I can more easily watch over my Donna Lee. I probably should 'look that' to her teddy bear but, what the hey, he'll find out for himself soon enough.

These are the facts and you can,-or may,- take them or leave them, whichever you prefer. You all, too, the same as the teddy bear, will find out for yourselves soon enough.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Floyd, the Tall Skinny Step-brother...

I just heard from Donna's Teddybear again. What a pest he is sometimes but I guess I owe him a favor. He still can't get past Donna Lee on, "A Time and a Place," so he asked me (thought to me) to post this piece of tripe for him so, here goes. 'snort'

CHAPTER THREE…School days…

...Mother took me to register for the first grade in the autumn of 1940. The school officials said I had to be five years old to start. So Mother took me back in January of 1941 and enrolled me in the first grade. I finished the first grade that year and advanced to the second grade when I was still five years old. I went to Galen Clark School.

The following year just before school started Mother took me to the school cafeteria to get my shots. I don’t remember what the shot was for but I know it must have been terrible because every kid there was whimpering or crying out loud in anticipation of the shot. Mom and I got in line and I didn’t have enough sense to be scared so I just went along with line until I reached the nurse who was giving the shots. She smiled at me and told me to roll up my sleeve and I did. She gave me the shot and it stung a little but I didn’t flinch or cry. She looked up at my mother and said,” My, what a brave little Man!” Mom said,” Yes he is.”

Floyd Bue, who would later become my stepbrother, also went to Galen Clark. Floyd had a high squeaky voice and, although he was a tall boy for his age and as physical as he should be for his height, he was timid and afraid of just about anyone who wanted to terrorize him.
There were a lot of Mexicans enrolled in school and three of them liked to wait for Floyd and pick at him as he was walking home from school. The last time they made him cry, he told them that his brother was going to school soon and they had better watch out.

I started awhile later and sure enough, on the way home that first day, the Mexican kids were waiting for him. Floyd was taller than I was but I was fatter than he was and that made me seem bigger. Floyd told me ahead of time about the boys and we were ready for them.

When they approached us, one of them said,” Is that your brother?” and Floyd said it was and he is tough. The boy walked over to me and asked how tough I was and I punched him in the mouth.
He started running away from us and the other two followed him. They never bothered us again. Floyd and I spent a lot of time together and we never bothered anyone and, after that incident, no one bothered us again.

I vaguely remember a water tower we climbed. I don’t remember what we did on it; I think just looked around. I thought up most of the things Floyd and I did together and he usually just went along with them.

*The Teddybear wanted me to add this, too, so here it is.

The following is something that happened which, for whatever reason, has stuck in my mind as one of the most disappointing things I can ever remember happening to me as a child.

The carnival was in town and it is the first carnival I can ever remember. I was very excited about going and thought about it all day the day I was supposed to go. I went to school that day and mother told me to wait at the gate on a certain side of the schoolyard after school was out. I waited at the wrong gate and when they didn’t find me at the right gate, they went on to the carnival without me.

I waited until almost dark then went home. There was nobody there and I didn’t know where the carnival was so I didn’t get to go. It left town the next day. All anyone could say to me was, ” You should have been at the right gate.” Sure. Thanks!

I hated everyone for a long time after that for not looking for me. Sometimes I feel like I still do.Who knows how the mind works.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Donna Lee...My Bright Light...

I never thought it would happen but I must apologize for something; even explain myself. (hard to believe, isn' it)
I have been slow to post on this blog of late and I feel I need to explain.

I am ashamed that, for a while, I neglected to check on my earthly ties, my late family. I guess I was I was too busy conferring with the Top Dog and his doggie angels about ethereal things. (They come to me quite often for advice and my opinion of things of importance)

One day, some time ago, a feeling came over me; a feeling of elation, but oddly, mixed with a feeling of foreboding. 'How can this be,' I asked myself? But I only had to wonder for an instant.

All of a sudden, there was a brilliant flash,-a bright light such as the one described by me in my last post.(as per CA's blog of a while back) I looked in amazement as a flawlessly beautiful body stepped out of that flash of light.
'This person looks familiar,' I thought to myself.

Then it dawned on me; this was the most wonderful person I had ever known on Earth; the only person to whom I had given my complete love and affection while I was in my earthly form; the person I had lived for; this was my Donna Lee dressed in a pure white Heavenly robe and she was here to visit me! It was wonderful!

I rushed over to her and she smiled her sweet smile and picked me up.(this was the first time I had been picked up since I got to Doggie Heaven where I am guarding the Small Doggie Lawn)She nuzzled my cheek and said, 'Chico, my Chico, it's so good to see you again.'

Her breath smelled sweet, just as I remembered it had and I smiled at her (the first time I had ever smiled) and my teeth were white and even! This was, indeed, wonderful!

I asked her how she had gotten here and she told me that the angels in the human part of Heaven had begun to fall down just a little bit in their singing duties so God looked around to find someone who could help and He decided the best one for the job was me. He sent an Angel for me and here I am.
I hated to leave my teddy bear but there was really no choice on my part. You know;-when you are called home, you have to go.'

Then, as she stroked my head, I felt a sharp pain pierce my heart and I yelped softly. In my minds' eye, I saw a man sitting at a computer, staring at the picture of the sweetest, most wonderful person who had ever lived; someone who was half of his life and I felt his profound sorrow that this person had been taken so soon; I felt his deep sadness,-his feeling of helplessness and aloneness there in a now bleak and cold world.
I felt a sob, a catch in my throat and wondered how this could be,-having a feeling such as this even in Heaven. Then I realized,- it wasn't me; it was the man at the computer and, for the very first time in 21 years when I first showed up there on Earth, I almost felt compassion for him; I almost loved him.

My Donna Lee must have known how I was feeling because she said, 'He'll be all right. I'll never leave him,-he knows that and it will help him survive until he and I are together again in a better place.'

Then she set me back down and said, 'It's been wonderful seeing you but I have to go now. My mother and father and, and my son, Barry and our daughter, Rebecca and Jims' mother, Grannie Bue and all the rest are waiting for me. I'll see you again one day and I'll have my teddy bear with me to visit you, too; and this time you'll like him.'
Then there was another and brighter flash of light and Donna Lee, my love, my Earthly mistress, was gone.

I anxiously await another visit from her,-even if she brings her other,-lesser half, her teddy bear, with her. It'll be worth it.

That is my explanation and I hope you will accept it and be happy with it.

Until next time,-Arf...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Bright Light...

I have neen hearing all kinds of hoop-la about the 'bright light'. I was over at CA's place and came across this post explaining just what the 'bright light' is and I thought it good enough to post here on this, the ultimate blog of wisdom, information and understanding.

No, no; don't thank me,-at least, not yet. Read the piece first.

The Bright Light of Death...or Near Death...
The bright light of death...the light at the end of a corridor...after death experiences...What is happening?

..."However, the researchers believe that neurophysiological processes must play some part in NDE. Similar experiences can be induced through electrical stimulation of the temporal lobe (and hence of the hippocampus) during neurosurgery for epilepsy, with high carbon dioxide levels (hypercarbia), and in decreased cerebral perfusion resulting in local cerebral hypoxia as in rapid acceleration during training of fighter pilots, or as in hyperventilation followed by valsalva manoeuvre. Ketamine-induced experiences resulting from blockage of the NMDA receptor, and the role of endorphin, serotonin, and enkephalin have also been mentioned, as have near-death-like experiences after the use of LSD, psilocarpine, and mescaline. These induced experiences can consist of unconsciousness, out-of-body experiences, and perception of light or flashes of recollection from the past. These recollections, however, consist of fragmented and random memories unlike the panoramic life-review that can occur in NDE. Further, transformational processes with changing life-insight and disappearance of fear of death are rarely reported after induced experiences.Thus, induced experiences are not identical to NDE...*"

I have no idea what that paragraph says or means; I just wanted to get your attention. 'yuk'
What causes the bright light seen by many when they are either near death or, for a short time, clinically dead? Is it an invitation to enter Heaven or some resting place that exists after our soul leaves our body and before whatever happens to it next, happens?
Is it simply an electrical discharge from our brain as it struggles to either end or preserve our life? There are many theories of what causes the light. Guess what...I have my own.
My theory may have been suggested before by someone else but I haven't read it. If it has, I'm sure I'll hear about it from one of my good friends! 'chuckle'
To put it in simple terms, I believe a person who sees the bright light is simply returning to the place from whence he came.
Don't get gross!...that's not what I mean! When a baby is born, he comes from the darkness of his mothers' womb. The first thing he sees when he first opens his eyes is, compared to the darkness of the womb, a bright light.
Then he begins to live a life of whatever the fates dictate. Everything he does, sees and hears is forever stored in his brain.(His hard drive)
*Some think dreams are the way the brain clears itself of information no longer pertinent to its' operation. This leaves room in its' 'memory' (as opposed to hard drive) for things now happening.*
Even though things are seemingly forgotten, they lurk still in some far reach of the brain; waiting to be recalled when needed again at some future time.
At some time and for whatever reason, everyone will die and some will come close to death and survive.
My theory is: At that time of death or near death, all the things that have been experienced by a living being, that are stored in the brain, begin to be placed in a 'recycle bin' to await permanent deletion.
The information is taken from the conscious brain in the reverse of how it was taken in. That is why our life flashes before us as we die or approach death. The last thing of which we were aware presents itself first and events scroll by our minds in that reverse scenario until we finally reach the thing we first experienced at birth; a bright light; the bright light of life after the womb.
This, however, isn't necessarily the end of our life.
First we (or fate) must decide if we will, in fact, end our life or if we (or fate) decide to return to the land of the living.
If we decide to stay alive awhile longer, many have what is known as an 'out of body' experience. This is the spirit hovering above the body, seeing the scene, aware of things happening below it. Then it returns to the body and we awake.
If, on the other hand, we decide to die, our soul leaves our body, the recycle bin empties and that is the end of our worldly existence. We go to a much better place...(hopefully)